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Criminal Defense
We handle all cases from Domestic Violence and DUI to child sex crimes and murder. We provide zealous defense against a full range of criminal cases, including all types of misdemeanors, gross misdemeanors and felonies.
Family Law
From the joy of adoptions to the frustrations of divorce, you need a competent, assertive Nevada attorney by your side when facing important family issues.
Personal Injury
Our experienced and aggressive attorneys fight to vindicate your rights, go head-to-head with the insurance companies, and pursue the full compensation you deserve for your injuries.
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No matter who you are, a criminal charge can upend your life in an instant. Hiring an aggressive, proven defense attorney to assert your rights gives you the best chance to safeguard your freedom. Our Las Vegas firm, Nevada Defense Group, delivers effective advocacy in criminal defense, family and personal injury matters. If you’ve been accused of a felony, misdemeanor or traffic offense, we take on the authorities to keep them from using improper evidence against you. Likewise, when you’re looking for a dedicated lawyer to seek justice for you in divorce or a personal injury claim, our firm provides the same type of determined representation.

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From start to finish, we will handle the needs of you and your family in a professional, cost-effective manner while seeking the best possible result under the facts of your case.



Frequently Asked Questions

Being arrested or finding out that your loved one
is in jail can quickly become one of the most
stressful moments in your life, especially if
you’ve never had to deal with the legal system
before. Prosecutors rely on this fear and stress,
often to convince you to take a plea bargain and
plead guilty to a criminal charge before a defense
attorney has even had an opportunity to review
your case.

Criminal cases carry much more serious
consequences than a few nights in jail – it can
(and often does) affect your employment, can make
it harder to find places to live, and can result
in many more consequences than what’s presented to
you. Depending on the charge, even some
misdemeanors have to stay on your record for over
half a decade.

If you have been wrongfully accused and want to
fight your case, an attorney is essential. At
Nevada Defense Group, you’re more than just a file
on a desk, and we realize there are no “garden
variety” cases. When you need someone in your
corner, your defense strategy should be as
specific as you. Contact Nevada Defense Group
today for a free consultation to discuss your case
and your rights.

The first step to fighting your case is to hire an
attorney. You will automatically be brought before
a Judge to determine whether you should be
released while your case is pending, or if you’ll
be forced to defend yourself from behind bars.
Hiring an attorney before this first court
appearance gives you the best possible chances at
a release or a low monetary bail.

If you have any exculpatory evidence (which is
evidence in your favor), provide it to your
attorney so that he or she can review it and
determine its relevance and admissibility. Whether
it’s an alibi witness or information that just
provides a clearer context to whatever happened
that resulted in your arrest, your attorney can
assess this evidence and strategically work it
into your defense.

No matter what, it’s most important to not speak
to anyone except an attorney about your case. That
means not discussing the case with friends,
family, or other inmates. All jail calls are
recorded, and prosecutors will often listen to
these calls and use them against you in a criminal

The cost of legal representation varies depending
on your specificcase, as no two cases are alike.
The cost for misdemeanors will besubstantially
less than the cost for felonies, and one felony
canbe more or less than multiple felonies
depending on the specificcharges. For example,
being charged with five counts of felonydrug
possession will cost less than being charged with
a singlecount of murder.

At Nevada Defense Group, we have payment plans
available to fit every budget, even if you’re on a
fixed income. We offer payment plans starting at
only $250 down for misdemeanor cases and $500 down
for felony cases.

No matter what your situation, don’t skip an
attorney because you think it’s unaffordable – it
may not be as much as you think, and having a
private defense attorney can make all the
difference in the world to your case and your
freedom. Contact Nevada Defense Group today for a
FREE consultation to discuss your case and your

Nevada Defense Group also offers competitively
priced rates for legal writing, contract review,
and business formation. If you’ve been hurt in an
accident, Nevada Defense Group may be able to take
your case at no up front cost to you, and we only
get paid when you get paid!

Please see our
DUI page

If you’ve been arrested, charged with a crime, or
contacted by detectives regarding a criminal
investigation (even if no charges have been
filed), then you need a criminal defense

If you need an attorney to assist with divorce,
child custody, child support, or other family-
related matters, then you need a family law

If you’re a new business owner and looking to
hire an attorney to properly create your business
or you’re thinking of getting an attorney just in
case you have future legal problems with your
business, then you need a business formation

If you’ve been hurt in an accident of any kind,
you need a civil Plaintiff attorney. On the other
hand, if someone is accusing you of hurting them
and asking or suing you for money, you need a
civil Defense attorney.

Lastly, if you’ve already been convicted of a
crime or had a monetary judgment made against you
and you want to continue fighting the case, then
you need an appellate attorney.

Here at Nevada Defense Group, we offer services
for ALL of the above. Contact Nevada Defense
Group today for a FREE consultation to discuss
your case and your rights.

Nevada Defense Group now offers two hiring options
– in person (you visit our office, meet with an
attorney face-to-face) or over the phone (you
speak to an attorney directly). We now have
options that allow you to hire an attorney to
handle your matter without ever having to step
foot in an office, which can be great for people
who reside out of state.

To make an appointment to speak with an attorney,
either in person or over the phone, click here to
contact us.

If you or someone you know has been arrested, DO
NOT SPEAK about your case to ANYONE. You have the
right not to answer questions to police, and be
aware that all jail phone calls are recorded. Many
times, people incriminate themselves over jail
phone calls when they’re explaining their arrest
to friends and family for the first time. The
Prosecution does have access to these calls – and
they do listen. Do not discuss the facts of your
case with police, friends, family, or even other

Secondly, you have the right to a private defense
attorney. Most of the time, the Court system will
automatically appoint a public defender to
represent you. However, if you want to hire a
private attorney to handle your case, speak up and
tell the Court that you want to hire a private
attorney. Many times, the Court will pause your
case and give you time to find an attorney.

Having an attorney handle your case from the
beginning gives you the best chances at success,
because often times the first few steps in the
proceedings can set the stage for the entire case.
For example, the initial bail argument can
determine whether you fight the case from behind
bars, or whether you’ll be released from custody.
Additionally, many times the Prosecutor will offer
to resolve your case with a plea bargain at the
very first hearing, before an attorney has even
had an opportunity to review your case! Many
times, people accept plea bargains at this first
hearing, and don’t understand that they’re
actually pleading guilty to a crime and will have
a conviction on their record. That’s why hiring a
private attorney from the get-go gives you the
best possible chances.

Contact Nevada Defense Group today for a free
consultation to discuss your case.

Because of many television shows and crime dramas,
we tend to think that if the named victim doesn’t
want to press charges or testify, then the case
will be dropped. Unfortunately, the real world
takes a very different approach, and your case
will still go forward whether the victim is
cooperative or not.

When criminal charges are filed, the victim no
longer has a say in whether the case proceeds or
not. In the Prosecutor’s minds, victims can become
uncooperative for a number of reasons. Sometimes
it’s true that the victim lied and made false
accusations, but sometimes victims can become
uncooperative out of fear or as part of a cycle of
abuse. Because Prosecutors can never truly know
why a victim decides not to press charges, they
will not drop the case. Unfortunately, Nevada law
has made it possible in many instances to convict
a person even when the victim is not present or
refuses to testify. However, that does not mean
that the victim is without a voice in the process.

At Nevada Defense Group, we know how to use legal
technicalities to give you the best possible
chances at a dismissal when the victim does not
want to press charges. While not a guarantee,
there are specific strategies we use in these
circumstances. We can give the victim information
the Prosecution doesn’t want them to know with
regards to the victim’s rights, and how that can
impact the criminal case.

Whether you were just arrested or your trial is
tomorrow, Nevada Defense Group can help with your
case, and our extensive experience in all types of
situations can be used to your advantage to
maximize your chances of having the case
dismissed. Contact Nevada Defense Group today for
a free consultation to discuss your case and your

If you’ve been convicted of a crime, the battle
isn’t over yet – in fact, you’re only beginning to
enter the world of “appellate law,” an entirely
different field of law that only comes into effect
after a conviction.

When you appeal a conviction, you’re asking a
higher court to review the case to determine if a
legal error has been made. If you’ve been
convicted of a misdemeanor, you appeal your case
to the District Court. If you’ve been convicted of
a gross misdemeanor or felony, you appeal your
case to the Nevada Supreme Court. You can appeal a
conviction whether you went to trial or accepted a
plea bargain.

The first step in appealing your conviction is the
most critical, which is filing the proper
documents to begin the appeal. You only have a
very limited amount of time to file these
documents (which vary depending on what type of
case is being appealed). In misdemeanors, you only
have TEN DAYS to file the appeal, and if you’re
late even by just one day, you lose your appeal

If you’ve been convicted of a crime, contact
Nevada Defense Group today for a free
consultation. We can determine if you’re eligible
to appeal, break down the complicated appellate
process, and explain what your responsibilities
are while your case is being appealed.

The criminal process begins when you’re arrested
or charged with a crime, and ends when there is a
“disposition,” which can be a conviction,
dismissal or acquittal. The process varies
depending on what type of crime you’re charged
with and what jurisdiction the crime allegedly
occurred in.

For a detailed explanation of the criminal
process, visit our page here.

If your current lawyer is not right for you for
whatever reason, you’re not stuck with him or her on
your case. The law permits you to have the lawyer that
you want to represent your case, and so in most
instances, you can change or “substitute” the lawyers
who represent you.

It never hurts to get a second opinion or a second
pair of eyes to review your case. Different attorneys
have different levels of experience, work differently
with prosecutors, and have different legal strategies.
No two lawyers are alike, and it’s important to have
an attorney that you feel is right for you and your

Even if you’ve already paid another lawyer, you’re not
stuck with him or her for the duration of the case.
Contact Nevada Defense Group today for a free
consultation to discuss your case, and the possible
benefits of changing attorneys to someone who is
better suited to handle your matter.

Pushing your case done is what we are responsible for.

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