Domestic Violence are crimes against a domestic partner, which can be a spouse, former spouse, roommate, someone you are currently or used to be dating, and more. Domestic Violence crimes can be charged as either a misdemeanor or felony depending on the severity of the conduct and the accused’s prior criminal history. Domestic Violence charges also carry serious penalties, such as loss of gun right, and a minimum of 20 days in jail (even when it’s just a misdemeanor). Misdemeanor convictions have to stay on your record for at least seven years, and sometimes, they can never be removed.

It’s very important to contact an attorney because we can give you the best possible chances of having your case dismissed. Many people think that when the victim doesn’t want to press charges or testify in court that the case will go away, but the reality is that people can (and often are) convicted of these crimes even when the victim doesn’t testify. If your or someone you know has been charged with Domestic Violence or any type of domestic crime, contact Nevada Defense Group today for a free consultation to discuss your rights.

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