Because guns and weapons offenses can often be violent in nature, getting the right defense attorney can mean the difference between going to prison or walking away with your freedom. At Nevada Defense Group, we know that no two cases are alike, and therefore no two defenses are alike. Unlike other law firms, we tailor your defense strategy to the facts and needs of your specific case.

Even cases that seem like a “slam dunk” can be riddled with legal issues. For example, guns and weapons charges often involve a search and seizure, and therefore the Fourth Amendment can often preclude a conviction. An improper search of a vehicle where a weapon was found can result in suppression of the weapon; an invalid search warrant can exclude everything that was found during the search.

Nevada Defense Group has extensive experience in Fourth Amendment cases, and many cases that other attorneys saw as a “black and white” conviction have been substantially reduced or dismissed after fighting a Fourth Amendment challenge. If you’ve been charged with a gun or weapons offense, contact Nevada Defense Group today for a free consultation to discuss your case and your rights.

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