Criminal Defense Lawyers Deliver Strong Counsel

Experienced Las Vegas attorneys take on police and prosecutors

An arrest is overwhelming, and prosecutors rely on defendants’ fear and confusion to get them to give up their rights. A strong lawyer helps to even the odds, preventing mistreatment and pressing for fairness at each phase of the law enforcement process. Nevada Defense Group is a Las Vegas firm that battles on behalf of men and women who’ve been accused of criminal misconduct. We work aggressively to deliver positive results to the people we represent. After thoroughly reviewing the facts in each case, our accomplished attorneys push for dismissals, acquittals or favorable plea agreements. No matter what type of crime you’ve been charged with, we provide prompt, forceful representation.

Dedicated litigators handle all types of felony and misdemeanor cases

Whether you’re facing years of prison time on a felony count or are seeking to keep an unwarranted misdemeanor off your record, we’ll stand up for you in a full range of criminal defense matters, including cases involving alleged:

  • Drug crimes — Legalizing the personal use of marijuana has not changed the severe punishments associated with other drug crimes. Prosecutions for the possession, sale or manufacture of other controlled substances continue, and even the improper sale of pot could subject a defendant to years in prison. If you’ve been arrested on a drug charge, our litigators challenge the witnesses and evidence produced by the authorities.
  • Assault and battery — In battery cases, where someone purportedly uses unlawful physical force against another person, and assaults, where physical violence is threatened or employed, it is easy for reporting officers to misconstrue what has occurred. The punishment that results from these prosecutions can vary based on the extent of the harm and whether a weapon was present. No matter what the specific charge is, we unearth all of the relevant information to support your defense.
  • Sexual offenses — Convictions for sexual assault and similar crimes can trigger long prison terms and lifetime placement on the state’s sex offender registry. Unlike other types of crimes, sex crimes often hinge on questions of consent. Through skillful questioning and a detailed study of the evidence, our firm works diligently to find the truth behind the incident.

If you face any of these charges, don’t try to take matters into your own hands, even if that seems like the easiest way out. Our firm gives accused individuals a free initial consultation to ensure that their rights are protected.

Firm provides aggressive advocacy to drivers facing DUI charges

Being stopped on the suspicion that you’ve been driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is an intimidating experience, especially if you’re not used to encounters with the law. You might not understand your rights or recognize flaws that occur during the DUI enforcement process. Even if your breathalyzer test exceeds the state’s .08 percent legal intoxication limit, strong defenses might be available, so you shouldn’t surrender your rights without obtaining counsel from a qualified defense lawyer. In these cases, we examine the facts closely and challenge the tactics and testing used by authorities so that you can avoid unwarranted sentences such as incarceration and community service.

Knowledgeable lawyers help motorists fight traffic citations

A reckless driving conviction or an accumulation of moving violations such as speeding tickets might trigger a license suspension or fines. Some traffic offenses even include the threat of jail time. In many cases, accused drivers believe the best course in these cases is to admit guilt and move on, but the costs in penalties and increased insurance costs can be serious. We know the types of errors that are made on a daily basis during traffic enforcement and will press officers to determine whether allegations they’ve made against you are unsupported by evidence.

Contact an accomplished Las Vegas criminal defense law firm for a free initial consultation

No matter what charge you face, you benefit from experienced defense counsel that will fight for your rights. The skilled attorneys at Nevada Defense Group defend people in Las Vegas and the surrounding area in felony, misdemeanor and traffic cases. Please call us or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. Our office is on Casino Center Boulevard in Las Vegas.

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