A criminal case will continue to haunt your background checks long after your case is over. Unfortunately, once you have been charged or arrested, there is an entry on your permanent criminal record that can be seen by employers, law enforcement, background investigators, courts, and many others. Until or unless a record is sealed, an arrest will still show up on your background, even if the charges were dismissed, if the prosecutors dropped your charges, or if you were found not guilty at trial.

Record sealing is important, because criminal history records can have the following negative effects on the public:

  • Employment opportunities, removal of candidacy
  • Denial of promotions within your current job
  • Prohibitions on travel
  • Inability to obtain United States Citizenship
  • Denial or revocation of immigration status
  • Negative response from Officers during future law enforcement contact

Sealing your record will ensure those charges will not appear on background checks and that you can get back to your normal life. In fact, sealing your record entitles you to act as if your case legally never happened. This means that you can state, under oath, that the case never happened. Sealing your record is the only true way to get a fresh start after your case is closed, so you can put the terrible memories behind you.

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