Theft and fraud cases are often charged as felonies depending on the amount of money in question, and if convicted, the accused could be facing a number of years in prison. Although theft and fraud charges are generally non-violent offenses, the penalties can still be severe, and getting the right defense attorney is critical.

These cases can often be extremely complex and require detailed financial accounting. Nevada Defense Group has extensive experience with these types of cases, and sometimes, our detailed financial analysis has resulted in charges being either dismissed completely or substantially reduced.

Defending against theft and fraud charges can carry significant financial consequences as well. If wrongfully convicted, you could be on the hook for restitution payments, which can sometimes be hundreds of thousands of dollars. You can go to prison, have your wages garnished, and be under a mountain of debt for the rest of your life. However, hiring the right criminal defense attorney can mean the difference between a lifetime of debt and walking away free and clear.

If you’ve been charged with a theft or fraud offense, contact Nevada Defense Group today for a free consultation to discuss your case and your rights.

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